Aardvark Large Standing Plush Toy from Hansa Toys

$58.89 $69.99

This large plush standing Aardvark, show on the left above, features European style quality, and Philippine artisan design and production.

Aardvarks are found in Africa. The Aardvark has poor eyesight, but the rest of its senses are excellent. The female gives birth to a single young after a gestation period of seven months. The Aardvark's teeth are quite unique. The teeth have no enamel and consist of dentine in columns interspersed with tubes of pulp. Aardvarks are solitary, nocturnal, insect eating animals.

"The Hansa Wildlife Collection is especially designed to care for the wild creatures of our planet. As a member of the Hansa Toy's design Team, I am pleased to endorse these toys as a gateway to understanding and caring about wildlife." -- Don Young, Wildlife Expert
Listing is for single Large Standing Plush Aardvark as shown on the left above. Small Aardvark on right sold separately.

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