Brown Pelican Stick Puppet from Play Visions

$16.89 $19.99

Brown Pelicans are the smallest species of pelican, but are still considered large birds.  They live up and down both coasts of the Americas.  They are distinguished from their white pelican relatives by color of course, but also by their habitual behavior of diving for fish from mid-air, as opposed to the traditional method of fishing from the surface.  

This Brown Pelican puppet from Play Visions is a great likeness to real thing.  He has a white head and neck, a chocolate brown body with lighter fluffy wings, and floppy dark leathery legs.  A pole protruding from his underside allows the puppeteer to control his head movement.  A bird with a lot of character, this Pelican makes a great pet and a great for story time buddy!  Don't let him pass you by!

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