Short Eared Owl Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The Short-eared Owl is a real hoot with big, bold eyes that seem to stare you down. A short beak and distinctive small ears give this 11 inch tall Short-eared Owl puppet its personality. This puppet has movable wings with a wingspan of 19 inches. A 2009 iPARENTING MEDIA Excellent Product Award winner.

Movable head, wings.


  • The Short-eared Owl lives all over the world, except Antarctica and Australia. In fact, it has one of the largest distributions of any bird.

  • The Short-eared Owl lives in open grasslands where it hunts small rodents, especially voles. If food becomes scarce, it migrates to a new area.

  • Though it almost always hunts at night, the Short-eared Owl can be seen flying during the day and at dusk. It's wing beats are irregular, like a bat's.

  • The Short-eared Owl has small tufts of feathers over its ears. When it feels threatened, it raises these feathers and stands very tall.

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