Baby Chimp Chimpanzee Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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With its long soft fur and expressive face, this classically featured Chimpanzee puppet will surely become a beloved heirloom. Animated by imagination, soon this simian will be swinging through your family tree. This adorable Folkmanis BABY CHIMPANZEE is a hug-able puppet that can be any child's best friend. With a movable mouth and sweet expression, he is fun for playtime, naptime or taking him on the road as a travel buddy.
Puppet Dimensions:
Length       Width        Height    Puppet Weight
5" LONG   8" WIDE     15" TALL        6.24 OZ

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2010 July
Special Features: Movable mouth and arms

  • 2010 PARENT'S CHOICE Silver
  • Creative Child 2011 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD

Baby Chimp Chimpanzee Hand Puppet Demonstration Video: View Video

      • Chimpanzees live in groups of up to 80 members in the forests and grasslands of West-Central Africa.
      • Chimpanzees are our closest relatives. They can solve problems and use tools. They can even be taught sign language.
      • Chimpanzees express many emotions with their faces and calls. They are very affectionate: they kiss, hold hands, and even tickle each other.
      • Chimpanzees are seriously threatened by habitat destruction and by the inhumane capture of babies for laboratories, circuses and zoos.

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