Elephant Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$37.89 $45.99

This 27 inch long Elephant Puppet is a majestic pachyderm that incorporates the animator to lift and move the trunk when you slip your hand inside his head. Designed with realistic touches, an ultra-soft micro-fiber fabric, and a movable mouth. Elephants use their trunks for a variety of purposes, from hauling lumber to taking a bath; how much can you make him do?

2006 iPARENTING MEDIA Best Product Award
2006 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS Toy of the Year


    * There are two species of elephant, the African and the Asian. The African elephant can be up to 11 feet tall and weigh 14,000 pounds.

    * An elephant's trunk has 40,000 muscles! It serves as a nose, as a hose, as an arm, hand and fingers, and as a trumpet.

    * Elephant cows and young live in large herds led by an older female. Males are solitary or part of small all-male groups.

    * Elephants are seriously endangered due to destruction of their habitat. In Africa, many elephants are also killed illegally for their tusks.

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