Leopard Frog Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$19.89 $23.99

2007 TOY TIPS TRUSTED Mark of Excellence

Leaping lizards! It looks like a real frog and has stretchable legs just like one too. The Leopard Frog is fashioned in soft micro-fiber fabrics and features a movable mouth and front legs.


    * Leopard frogs are found in the United States and Canada. They belong to the genus Rana, or the "true frogs," which also includes the bullfrogs.

    * Leopard frogs can be found almost anywhere that permanent water and land meet. They are the familiar frogs of laboratories and biology books too.

    * Though they were once common everywhere, leopard frogs have seriously declined in recent years because of pollution and loss of habitat.

    * Because leopard frogs are very sensitive to chemicals, scientists use them as an "indicator species" to show whether the environment is healthy or not.

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