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The new Ostrich puppet is a rare bird indeed. A beautiful specimen with feathery soft plush and lustrous long eyelashes, this lovely long-legged creature holds its head up high when you insert your hand into the beak. Two handed wing movement allows for pecking, strutting and flapping fun!

Facts of Interest

  • Wild Ostriches are found today on the dry plains of Africa. They lived in Asia, before people over hunted them and moved into their habitats.
  • Ostriches don't hide their heads in the sand. In fact, they stretch out their long necks and use their keen eyesight to spot danger.
  • The ostrich family has been around longer than any other kind of bird. Although flightless today, scientists think that their ancestors could fly.
  • An ostriches gut contains about three pounds of rocks (sometimes including rough diamonds !) that grind its food.
  • Ostriches are the largest and tallest birds, and they lay the biggest eggs. They can also run at 40 miles per hour. If cornered, they defend themselves with powerful kicks.


Ostrich Hand Puppet Demonstration Video: View Video

Puppet Length:12" Long
Puppet Width: 9" Wide
Puppet Height: 23" Tall
Puppet Weight:14.72 oz.

UPC: 638348030269

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2014 January

Special Features: Movable head, neck and mouth. Two-handed wing movement.

Awards: 2014 PARENTS' CHOICE Gold Award
2014 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS Preferred Choice


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