Owlet Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The OWLET puppet is a downy-soft and wide-eyed baby owl that will charm your heart. With his movable beak and wings, you can have him chirping for food and flapping his wings for take-off!

Facts of Interest:
  • Owls do not create their own nests, but use the abandoned nests of other birds.
  • Owl chicks are born blind and covered with a thin layer of down.
  • Hatching owlets have an 'egg tooth' on the end of their beak that helps them break out of their shell.
  • Food is delivered to the nest by the male owl up to ten times a day.
  • Youngsters of most owl species start learning to fly two to three months after hatching.

Owlet puppet is 10 inches tall.

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