Raccoon Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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A curious critter with ring-tail and bandit-mask, the Folkmanis® Raccoon puppet sits up begging for interaction. He's an opportunistic omnivore so keep an eye on your snacks! Animate the mouth and forelegs of this friendly forager and engage your friends in fun animal antics.

Puppet Dimensions
Length               Width         Height        Puppet Weight
19" LONG      9" WIDE       13" TALL          7.68 OZ

Puppet Stats
Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 2016 January
Special Features: Movable mouth and forelegs.

Facts of Interest:
  • Raccoons are native to North and South America.
  • Raccoons are considered carnivores because of tooth structure, but actually, these night foragers will eat almost anything.
  • The name "raccoon" is from the Algonquian Indian word "arakun". It means "he who scratches with his hands".
  • Raccoons are almost as clever with their paws (or hands) as monkeys. They can even twist doorknobs and open refrigerators.

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