Timber Wolf Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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Bring home the dignity of wilderness! Featuring feathery soft plush and a gentle, movable mouth, this realistic Timber Wolf Puppet is anything but ferocious: it's hungry for love!

Facts of Interest:

  • Timber Wolves are the largest members of the dog family.  They once roamed much of the Northern Hemisphere, today only a small number remain. 
  • Wolves live and hunt in family groups, or packs, that are lead by an experienced male and female, called the alpha wolves.
  • Why do wolves howl ?  To call the pack together, to locate each other, to warn other wolves to stay away, and just for the fun of it !
  • Wolves have been misunderstood and hunted for centuries.  Their fate depends on our willingness to share the earth with them.

The Timber Wolf puppet has a moveable mouth.

Length      Width     Height    Puppet Weight
18" LONG   10" WIDE   9" TALL      12.8 OZ

Puppet Stats
Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday:     1995 January
Special Features:     Movable mouth

Timber Wolf Hand Puppet Demonstration Video: View Video

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