White Bunny Rabbit Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$9.89 $11.99

Running to his burrow or nibbling on the garden, the soft and timid bunny rabbit is a favorite animal of young children. This Bunny Rabbit puppet is just the right size for cuddling, whether on or off the hand of Mom or Dad. FACTS OF INTEREST:
    • The European rabbit is the best known and most widely distributed of the eight groups of rabbits. All domestic breeds derive from it.
    • Rabbits thump loudly with both hind feet as a warning. All rabbits within earshot then head for their burrows.
    • Rabbits reproduce rapidly: it has been calculated that one couple can produce 13 million descendants in three years.
    • When rabbits have been introduced where no natural enemies exist, they have attained plague proportions and caused great devastation to grasslands.

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