Gecko Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The GECKO is larger than life at 13-inches long. Its true-to-life coloring and big green eyes give it charm, while any puppeteer can move its mouth.

Movable mouth

Puppet Stats

Length     Width     Height     Weight
   13"            5"          3"          1 OZ

Facts of Interest
    Gecko toes are designed to stick to most surfaces without the presence of liquids or surface tension.

    Geckos are nocturnal and have very sensitive vision, even in the dark.

    Geckos do not appear to have eyelids because they have transparent lenses covering their eyeballs that do not open and close.

    Geckos lick these lenses to keep them clean and moist.

    Some species of gecko are parthenogenetic, meaning that females can reproduce without the presence of a male gecko.

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