Red Dragon Miniature from Safari

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European dragons are usually shown as huge snakes or lizards with two pairs lizard legs.  They have bat-like wings on their backs and are able to breathe fire.  However, there are many different depictions of the dragon as with most other mythical creatures.

This dragon miniature from Safari is quite similar to the dragon described above.  It has a serpentine head and body with four lizard legs, as well as the bat-like wings protruding from behind the shoulders.  This dragon is covered in bright red scales with a yellow stomach, and has two ivory horns coming out the top of its head.  Looking a bit smaller than most other dragons, this one is just as fierce.  Add him to your collection and you'll be conquering the world in no time!

A message from Safari:
In ancient times dinosaur fossils were thought to be dragons who breathed fire and inhabited the primeval forests. Even though we now know that the fossils found were of dinosaurs and not dragons, children still have a passion for this fantasy world of knights and giant green dragons. Safari feeds this passion with our vibrantly painted, action packed dragon figures. We refer to them as the ultimate "gym" for building great imaginations, a must for any child. All our products are phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested to safe guard your child's health. Safari Ltd takes pride in providing breathtaking, innovative an value priced figures for now over three generations.

Featured is our Red Dragon Size: 5.5" L x 4" H (14 x 10 cm).

Suggested age 3+

Safari Ltd.  toys are made of durable, flexible, non-toxic materials that can be hand-washed with a clean sponge or cloth, dish soap, and water. After rinsing, allow the toy to air-dry or gently wipe it down with a cloth towel—it should be good as new!

For a deeper cleaning, you can place our figurines securely in the top rack of your dishwasher. Remember to opt out of heat drying!

In order to avoid damaging the paint on the product, please avoid using abrasive soaps, sponges, or other cleaning tools.

For over 30 years, Safari Ltd® products have been laboratory tested and have met all lead safety requirements. Safari Ltd® is proud to announce that all of their products are phthalate and lead free. What are Phthalates? Phthalates are softening agents added to PVC that can be harmful to children. Their products are also in compliance with the new safety requirements put forth by the CPSIA on August 14, 2008.

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