Barn Owl Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The barn owl's ethereal appearance matches its silent hunting style. Soft and light, this Barn Owl puppet's feathery plush are in shades of brown, gray and white which will charm you with its beauty while you animate its head and wings. The Folkmanis Barn Owl Hand Puppet measures thirteen inches tall and five inches wide and deep.  Wouldn't you like to act wise with this Barn Owl Puppet?

Length          Width      Height       Puppet Weight
8" LONG    6" WIDE    10" TALL          8 OZ

Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday:     1998 July
Special Features:     Movable head and wings

Barn Owl Puppet Demonstration Video: View Video


  • The barn owl has the widest distribution of any land bird. It is found on every continent, except the arctic.
  • Barn owls don't hoot or have the acute vision of other owls. They locate their prey with their ears alone.
  • Barn owls don't build nests. They lay their eggs in a dark spot surrounded by the pellets of bone and fur they can't digest.
  • The eggs are laid at intervals and hatch at different times. The parents can more easily feed owlets of varying sizes.

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