Brown Bear Cub from Folkmanis Puppets

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Folkmanis combines heirloom quality and timeless design in the Brown Bear Cub puppet. This cuddly North American creature comes to life with movable head and mouth. With impressive size and weighted paws to add to the realism, delight your friends with bear hugs and kisses from your plump puppet friend.


Length        Width      Height       Puppet Weight
22" LONG   9" WIDE    13" TALL        20.96 OZ

Puppet Stats
Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday:     2016 January
Special Features:     Movable mouth.



Facts of Interest:

  • Brown Bears live across the Northern Hemisphere in wild regions.  The grizzly, the Alaskan, and the European bears are all subspecies.
  • European brown bears average 150 pounds, whereas the Alaska Kodiak may be ten feet tall and weigh 1500 pounds.
  • Brown Bears come in many colors, from black to brown to reddish to blond.  Their fur is sometimes tipped with a lighter color which is called grizzling.
  • The grizzly bear is seriously threatened in the lower 48 states, where they're confined to the northern Rocky Mountains.  There is still plenty of wilderness in Canada and Alaska to support them.


Made of all new materials: Polyester Fiber, Polyurethane foam, Polyethylene pellets.

Surface washable with cold water, Air Dry (Label 006)

Ages 3 and up.

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