Dutch Baby Rabbit Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The Baby Dutch Rabbit looks and feels like a real bunny. With cream and coffee colored markings and the design of the ears and haunches, this bunny could hop off at any moment. Bring the Dutch Baby Rabbit Hand Puppet to life with its moveable head and paws. Ultra huggable!

Dutch Baby Rabbit Hand Puppet Dimensions:
Length             Width            Height      Puppet Weight
7" LONG         5" WIDE         10" TALL           4 OZ

Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Special Features:     Movable head and arms
Dutch Baby Rabbit Hand Puppet won the 2007 DR. TOY Best Products

Dutch Baby Rabbit Hand Puppet Demonstration Video: View Video

    • The Dutch rabbit is one of the oldest of domestic breeds. It was developed in Holland around 1850 from the wild European rabbit.
    • It is easily distinguished from other breeds because of its characteristic color pattern which has changed little over the years.
    • It is very popular as a pet and as a show rabbit because of its small size and docile, sociable nature.
    • Dutch rabbits are intelligent. They can learn to recognize their names and can be trained to use a litter box.

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