Emperor Penguin Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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Every occasion is a formal occasion for this ritzy Emperor Penguin puppet. Animate his head and beak and he can check for leopard seals, groom his "feathers" or nuzzle a young penguin. Emperor Penguin stands thirteen inches tall.


  • Emperor penguins live on the ice pack of Antarctica. They are the largest sea birds (four feet tall!) and can withstand temperatures of 0°F.

  • At the beginning of the dark winter, the penguins gather in rookeries of thousands of birds. There, each female lays one egg.

  • The males hold the egg on their feet and keep it warm with their bellies. For two months they huddle together and don't eat.

  • Baby penguins have fun in the Spring. They lie on their stomachs on smooth slopes and toboggan across them.
Baby Penguin sold separately.

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