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Equipped for the long haul across the deserts of Arabia, this dromedary stands on gangly legs waiting to carry you to your oasis. With sandy colored plush fur and a workable mouth, this CAMEL PUPPET assures you'll never be thirsty for love!

Length            Width         Height      Puppet Weight
16" LONG      6" WIDE      17" TALL       12 OZ

Puppet Stats
Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday:     2013 July
Special Features:     Movable mouth.


 Facts of Interest:

  • There are two species of camel in existence today.  Those with one hump are called dromedary or Arabian camels, not to be confused with their two-humped Asian relatives, Bactrian camels.
  • Though once thought to hold water like a living canteen, the hump is actually a store of up to 80 pounds of fat, which the body can convert into water and energy as needed.  When camels are extremely thirsty, they can consume 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes !
  • Camels have the ability to close their nostrils to keep out sand.  They also have long, thick eyelashes for the same purpose.
  • When in motion, camels move both legs on one side of the body at the same time.

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