Flying Squirrel Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$12.89 $15.99

This nocturnal wide-eyed Flying-squirrel puppet is designed in ultra-soft plush in his flying position, allowing the puppeteer's hand to glide this adorable creature along.
2007 IParenting Media Greatest Product Award.
  • There are forty-two species of flying squirrel, found mostly in Asia and Europe, with three species in North America.
  • Flying squirrels do not really fly, but glide after leaping from trees, usually for 20 to 75 feet, but sometimes as much as 300 feet.
  • Flying squirrels steer by tightening and loosening the furred flaps of skin that stretch from their front wrists to their back feet.
  • Flying squirrels are nocturnal. Their big eyes are well adapted to night vision. One of the favorite foods these omnivores search for in the dark is the truffle, a mushroom delicacy.

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