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Folkmanis has retired the Fox Hand Puppet and we are not able to order any more, so please check the Stock Status listed in the Buy Box above.
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Whether reaching for sour grapes or jumping over lazy dogs, this popular figure from folktale and fable comes to life with this 11 inch tall Fox Puppet when you animate his muzzle. With an unobtrusive entrance for your hand and soft velveteen paws, not even the Hound of the Baskervilles will be able to catch this Fox.

Puppet has a movable mouth.


  • The 21 species of fox live throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Foxes have slitted eyes like cats, so are well suited for hunting at night.

  • Foxes perform a dance of somersaults and tail chasing to "charm" small animals into sitting still.

  • Many foxes live in cities and suburbs. They can make homes in drainpipes and hunt in garbage cans.

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