Hamster Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The answer to that frustrating no pet policy arrives in the form of this Hamster puppet! Perfect for smaller hands, he has a movable head and front feet to amuse and delight, and when playtime is done, he sits peacefully - no cage required!

Different species of hamsters are found throughout the world. The species most commonly sold in pet stores as a pet is the Syrian or Golden Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus). It is also sometimes called a "fancy" hamster. Pet stores also have taken to calling them "honey bears", "panda bears", "black bears", "European black bears", "polar bears", "teddy bears", and "Dalmatian", depending on their coloration. There are also several variations, including long-haired varieties that grow hair several centimeters long and often require special care. Hamsters have been been a popular pet only since the 1940's with British zoologist Leonard Goodwin claiming that most hamsters kept in the United Kingdom were descended from the colony he introduced for medical research purposes during the Second World War.

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