Harbor Seal Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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You do not need to journey to our oceans' coasts to experience the beauty of the Harbor Seal. This adorable puppet has such a heartwarming, soulful face it is hard to put down. Big, black eyes; soft whiskers, and silky fabric fur make the puppet a sure-to-be favorite.

Movable mouth and front flippers.

2006 iPARENTING MEDIA Excellent Product Award
2006 PARENTS' CHOICE Recommended Honor Award
2006 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS Preferred Choice Award - Toy of the Year Finalist


    • The four species of harbor seal live north of the equator, two on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and two on the shores of the Atlantic.
    • Harbor seals are graceful, fast swimmers. When they "haul out" on land though, they can only move by flopping around on their bellies.
    • Harbor seals often rest on land with their heads and back flippers raised. This is called the "banana" position.
    • Harbor seals usually hunt fish near the surface, but they are able to dive down 1,500 feet under the water and hold their breath for 30 minutes.

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