Mountain Zebra Replica from Safari


The Mountain Zebra is the rarest of zebra species and is recognized by its narrower, but more numerous stripes and gridiron pattern on the top of its rump. Also, it has a dewlap on the underside of its neck that is found on no other zebra.  The zebras travel in small "bands"consisting of a male and one to five females with their young. The male is an active leader of the group, chasing away challengers and guarding the rear in times of danger as a mare leads the group away. The Mountain Zebra live in the hills and mountains of South Africa and grow to stand 42 inches at the shoulder and weigh almost 820 pounds. The zebra is a member of the order Perissodactyla in the family Equidae, and its scientific name is “Equus zebra”

This Zebra replica is made from phthalate free PVC. Phthalates are a softening agent added to PVC and have been banned from toys for children younger than three years old in Europe, Japan, and recently in San Francisco.
The size of this replica is: 9" L x 6" H (23 x 15.5 cm) which makes it a 1:10 scale model.
Recommended for children over three years of age.

The Safari Vanishing Wild Collection series was developed as an extra large, intricately detailed replicas of our vanishing wildlife designed for the serious collector. The Vanishing Wild Collection is a series of scaled replicas sculpted and hand painted with exacting detail by artisans from around the world. The oversized replicas are lifelike representations of endangered animals. Their natural poses help capture their magnificent beauty and spirit. Each replica comes with a 5 language educational information tag in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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