Orange Tabby Cat Kitten Hand Puppet from Folkmanis

$14.89 $17.99

Soft striped fur and wiggly whiskers adorn this ORANGE TABBY KITTEN. Animate the legs and head of this kitten puppet to make her pounce and preen. But be careful--she'll hold onto whatever she can grab and that might just be you!


    * The term 'tabby' does not refer to a breed of cat, but rather to the striped, swirled, or spotted pattern of the cat's fur.

    * The origin of the word 'tabby' comes from the Attabiyah section of Baghdad which was known for its weavings of striped silk.

    * When cats were domesticated 5,000 years ago by the Egyptians, they no doubt had the original tabby coloration of their ancestors.

    * In wild cats, the patterning serves as camouflage. This basic feline striping can still be faintly seen in the coats of all kittens.

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