Panda Bear Small Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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This Panda Bear Puppet is realistically rendered in creamy white and licorice brown-black fur, with soft plastic claws on weighted paws. The Panda Bear Puppet is a gentle tribute to its swiftly disappearing wild counterpart. Your hand enters the puppet from chest area to work the mouth and front legs.  Surface Washable.
Movable mouth 
2001 NAPPA Gold Award, Gold Seal Award

  • Pandas live only in the remote wet mountains of central China where bamboo thrives. They used to live all over China.
  • Based on chromosome tests, pandas have been classified as a subfamily of bears. They also share characteristics with raccoons.
  • Pandas feed on twenty varieties of bamboo exclusively. Due to a short digestive tract, they have to eat large quantities, sometimes 40 pounds a day.
  • Because they only have one baby every other year and because their habitat continues to be destroyed, pandas are seriously endangered.

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