Peacock Large Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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For more than 3,000 years, the Peacock has been regarded as a beautifully ornamental bird. Folkmanis has created a stunningly beautiful puppet with a multi-colored �feather� display. The puppet has a full-hand design that splays �feathers� with an easy open-hand movement. Designed for ages 3 and up.  Caution! Not suitable for children under 10 months due to long hair.

Only Peacocks have the long train of colorful feathers. In the mating season, they strut in front of the hens with their feathers spread wide.

The peacock's train is not its tail. Short tail feathers grow under the train. Special feathers called coverts raise the long plumes of the fan.

As early as 1000 B.C., traders brought peafowl to the courts of the Egyptian kings. Peafowl now live all over the world in parks, gardens, and zoos.

This Peacock Hand Puppet has won these awards:
2006 iPARENTING MEDIA Excellent Product Award
2006 PARENTS' CHOICE Recommended Honor Award
2006 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS Preferred Choice Award - Toy of the Year Finalist

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