Raccoon, Baby Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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This little masked critter would rather snuggle in your arms than steal food! With a bit of encouragement, you'll have it acting as curious as only a raccoon can be.


  • Raccoons are native to North and South America. They live in every habitat from desert to seashore to woodland to city.
  • Raccoons are considered carnivores because of their tooth structure, but actually, these night foragers will eat almost anything.
  • The name 'raccoon' is from the Algonquian Indian word 'arakun.' It means "he who scratches with his hands."
  • Raccoons are almost as clever with their paws (or hands!) as monkeys. They can even twist doorknobs and open refrigerators.
Baby Racoon Puppet has movable head and arms

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