Small Tarantula Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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With its creepy crawly front legs and realistic fur, this tarantula is both fascinating and freaky at the same time. Use your fingers to make its front legs crawl and your imagination to bring it to life!

Puppet Dimensions:
Length           Width          Height         Puppet Weight
9" LONG       7" WIDE        2" TALL          1.92 OZ

Puppet Type:     HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday:     2004 July
Special Features:     Two movable legs


    • The hairy tarantula lives around the world in the tropics and subtropics. It makes its home in burrows in the ground or in trees.
    • Though tarantulas are big-the Brazilian bird-eater grows up to 10 inches across-and look scary, they are shy and slow-moving.
    • Tarantulas do flick irritating hairs if threatened. They can also bite, but their venom is no more dangerous than a bee sting.
    • Several species of tarantula with reddish legs are raised in captivity and are popular as pets. It is illegal to collect them in the wild because they are endangered.


    RETIRED - This item was retired by Folkmanis in November 2014 and is limited to stock on hand here at !

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