Standing Polar Bear Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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This little gal or guy doesn't have a name! Folkmanis offers this velvety soft white plush Polar Bear puppet with a head and two arms for you to animate. He or she is twelve inches tall and has no name. Click below on the leave a review button and let us know what you think the bears name should be.

Guaranteed to melt your heart, this sweet little Standing Polar Bear puppet is fashioned with ultra-soft micro-fiber fabrics. It has a soft vinyl nose and "claws".

Surface Washable.
Movable head and arms

2007 iPARENTING MEDIA Greatest Product Award

Facts of Interest:
  • Polar Bears live on the coasts and ice floes of the Arctic.  They are solitary animals and do not hibernate.
  • Polar Bears are the largest land carnivores, large males can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.  They are fearless hunters.
  • Polar Bears are excellent swimmers. With their webbed forefeet, they can attain speeds of 6 mph and have been sighted 200 miles from the coast.
  • To keep warm, polar bears have blubber under their skin up to four inches thick. They also have two-layered fur with an insulating undercoat.

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