Zibbies Emperor Penguin "Freezer" from Play Visions

$7.89 $8.99

Freezer is an Emperor Penguin from Antarctica.  Emperor Penguins are the biggest of all penguin species.  They are specially adapted so that they can dive to a depth of 535 meters and swim underwater for up to 18 minutes without taking a breath!  

However, Freezer prefers playing on land with his human playmates.  He stands 6 inches tall with black leathery feet and a beak.  Like his other Emperor Penguin friends, Freezer has the orange collar around his neck and the classic tuxedo look.  He's a member of the Zibbies collection with his stretchy orange head feathers that allow him to perform all kinds of tricks.  Make him a part of your family collection today!

Check out the Zibbies interactive webpage, the Zibbies Zone, for even more Zibbies play!  Click here to jump right in!

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