Zibbies Polar Bear "Candice" from Play Visions

$7.89 $8.99

Candice is a Polar Bear all the way from the North Pole.  Polar bears usually spend most of their time swimming around in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean hunting seals.  However, Candice prefers warmer surroundings and would much rather spend her days with you and your family as they learn and grow.  

Candice has snowy white fur and bright blue eyes that will mesmerize.  Measuring 7 inches long, she is the perfect size for small hands and makes for a great story time snuggle buddy.  As a member of the Zibbies collection, Candice has a stretchy blue cap that allows her to perform all kinds of interesting tricks.  Make her a part of your family collection today!

Check out the Zibbies interactive webpage, the Zibbies Zone, for even more Zibbies play!  Click here to jump right in!

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