Zibbies Red-Eyed Tree Frog "Billy" from Play Visions

$7.89 $8.99

Red-eyed tree frogs, as their name implies, have bright red eyes.  They also have orange feet, blue stripes on their sides and vibrant green bodies.  They spend most of their time in trees and are very good jumpers.  Billy is just such a frog, but he's looking for a playmate.  Measuring 8 inches long, he's the perfect size for small hands to cuddle and squeeze him.  His ultra-soft coat makes him extra snuggly.  As a member of the Zibbies collection, Billy has a stretchy cap of blue and green that allows him to perform all kinds of special tricks.  Be the buddy Billy is looking for and make him part of your family collection today!

Check out the Zibbies interactive webpage, the Zibbies Zone, for even more Zibbies play!  Click here to jump right in!

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