Gorilla, Small Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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The perfect little cuddly baby for our large gorilla! This new size 8-inch gorilla puppet has the same styling as its parent, soft brown fur on face, hands and tummy, sweet brown eyes and longer two-tone fur on the rest of its body. Small Gorilla is easy to animate with movable mouth, hands and feet.

Movable mouth, arms and legs

Fall 2006 THE NATIONAL PARENTING CENTER Seal of Approval Winner
Winner Creative Child Magazines 2005 Top Toy of the Year Award.


Gorillas live together in family groups with several mothers and their offspring. They are led by an older male, the silverback, who is the father of the young gorillas.

A newborn gorilla is very small and almost hairless. By five months of age though, baby gorillas can already walk.

Baby gorillas will stay close to their mothers for several years. Adult gorillas are very gentle and patient with their babies.

When they are a year old, young gorillas are ready to play. Gorilla 'kids' even have versions of Tag and Follow the leader.

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