Dutch Rabbit Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$20.89 $24.99

This incredibly soft Mommy Dutch rabbit pictured left) feels like a real bunny. With cream and coffee colored markings and the design of the ears and haunches, she looks like she could hop off at any moment. She has to be held to be believed. Ultra huggable. FACTS OF INTEREST:
  • The Dutch rabbit is one of the oldest of domestic breeds. It was developed in Holland around 1850 from the wild European rabbit.

  • It is easily distinguished from other breeds because of its characteristic color pattern which has changed little over the years.

  • It is very popular as a pet and as a show rabbit because of its small size and docile, sociable nature.

  • Dutch rabbits are intelligent. They can learn to recognize their names and can be trained to use a litter box.

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