Jack Rabbit Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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This Jack Rabbit hand puppet is 21 inches tall, look at those ears! The Jack Rabbit puppet features movable mouth and arms with weighted feet for extra movement and a back opening for hand animation. This lanky desert dweller, a fellow known for his dry wit and large feet, awaits animation by your hands. Want to hop to it !?

Movable mouth and arms with weighted feet for extra movement.

Winner of the
2004 EARLY CHILDHOOD NEWS Judge's Selection Award, the 2004 EARLY CHILDHOOD NEWS Director's Choice Award, and the 2004 TOY TIPS TRUSTED awards!


    • The three species of jackrabbit are members of the hare family. They are common in the western United States.

    • The jackrabbit gets its name from its long ears and legs, which looklike those of a jackass, or donkey. Its ears turn back and forth tocatch sounds.

    • A jackrabbit can run at speeds as fast as45mph when escaping from a coyote. It can also bound high into the airto spot predators.

  • When an antelope jackrabbit is fleeingan enemy, it darts back and forth flashing the white fur on its tail asa warning to other rabbits.

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