Monkey Hand Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

$18.89 $22.99

Keep an eye on the bananas — this Monkey is nimble-fingered! When you manipulate its arms, head and mouth, this velvety puppet will steal any scene...maybe even a snack. The Folkmanis Monkey Hand Puppet is ten inches tall and features a moveable mouth for creating great facial expressions to bring your puppet alive!


    • The 125 species of monkey belong to the primate order which also includes apes and human beings.
    • Some monkeys live in small families, others in large colonies. All communicate with many different calls and facial expressions. Some even sing.
    • Monkeys are amazing acrobats. Many South American monkeys can use their tail like an extra arm to swing from tree to tree.
    • Many monkeys live in tropical rain-forests. We must work hard to preserve that habitat or monkeys and many other species will become extinct.

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