Sitting Lemur from Hansa

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Lemurs are primates and the only member of the order Lemuriformes.  They are only found on the island of Madagascar.  There are many species of Lemur and they vary widely.  The Ring-Tailed Lemur is probably the most recognizable because of its black and white stripped tail.  Though they have very good night vision, they are diurnal and, unlike most other lemurs, spend most of their time on the ground rather than in the trees.  They are omnivorous eating mostly fruit and leaves.  

This Ring-Tailed Lemur from Hansa is seated showing off its long ringed tail.  He has soft gray fur and he has black patches around his eyes and nose.

Hansa is known and respected for it’s close to Nature reproductions of the world’s best loved animals.  Much research goes into producing this nature series.  This is why Hansa is the preferred supplier to many Zoos and Wild Life Parks around the world.  Start collecting these finely crafted pieces and help educate our children to appreciate and understand the importance of our co-existence with the wondrous animal world.

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