Small Woolly Sheep Puppet from Folkmanis Puppets

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Yes, you "herd" right; a Small Woolly Sheep puppet grazes in these pastures. With her sweet, comical face and fuzzy white fleece this is one puppet "ewe" will surely love. Slip your hand in through her chest area to animate her mouth and make her graze and bleat.

  • Sheep wool varies from one breed to another, but most sheep have creamy white coats. Each wool fiber has tiny scales that make the wool cling together.

  • The finest, softest wool has fibers that look like tightly coiled springs. This wool is suitable for knitting sweaters.

  • Sheep are sheared in late spring by skilled shearers who travel from ranch to ranch. The wool from one sheep is called a fleece.

  • Before spinning the fleece into yarn, it must be washed to remove some of the lanolin that keeps the wool supple

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