Standing Meerkat from Hansa

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The Meerkat, or Suricata suricatta, is a member of the Mongoose family and is found in the Southern African Kalahari Desert in the countries of Botswanaand South Africa. They species is known for their upright posture and highly sociable behavior.  The Meerkats prefer to live in dry, open areas and savannas.  They measure about 25 to 35 cm. in length, excluding tail and forage for food only in the daytime.  The Meerkat diet is mainly insects, like beetles, spiders, and millipedes. Typically they have 2 to 4 young, often born in the Fall or early Winter after a gestation period of about eleven weeks

This Meerkat from Hansa is an excellent representation of the real thing.  He has a white face, dark eye patches, and extra soft golden fur.  Sitting 10" tall, he's always attentive and makes a great story-time buddy!

Hansa is known and respected for it’s close to Nature reproductions of the world’s best loved animals.  Much research goes into producing this nature series.  This is why Hansa is the preferred supplier to many Zoos and Wild Life Parks around the world.  Start collecting these finely crafted pieces and help educate our children to appreciate and understand the importance of our co-existence with the wondrous animal world.

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